Terms & Conditions

This Agreement is between;
(i) Speedy Net BABAMA IT LTD , T/A SPEEDY NET, Carlisle Building, 51 Bracken Road, Sandyford, D18 CV48. Company number 659798
(ii) the party contracting to accept and pay for services from Speedy Net (“You”). Any usage of the words Us or We is used in place of (i) Speedy Net. Any usage of the words You or Your refer to (ii)you, the customer upon agreement.

There may be some information on this site containing typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. We always strive to provide the best service we can and aim to keep the site accurate at all times. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions and to change or update the information on the site at any time, without prior notice.

We aim to deliver to provide the highest quality broadband service in Ireland. With a Static IP you can game, stream and browse in privacy with the peace of mind that you are with the smartest, most secure and forward-thinking ISP in Ireland.

We know how it feels to be stuck on hold for hours waiting for a response. Our customer service takes your needs seriously. We are open 10am-9pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm-9pm on Sunday’s and Bank Holiday for phone support. But we are open 24/7 for instant chat or email support. We aim to make sure that every customer’s experience leaves them recommending us to a friend.

By agreeing to enter this service contract you agree to pay all agreed charges on time and in full. We promise not to include any sneaky extra charges and will almost strive to provide the best broadband service in Ireland.

4.1 Billing
You will be billed every 30 days (monthly) on a pre-pay basis for the services provided. The billing cycle will begin on the day which the service is installed. The rate will be the agreed upon rate in your contract. You must also pay the initial set-up fee. We always require at least 30 days notice to end your contract with us. If you provide this notice you will be charged the proportionally correct amount of the next month’s bill, should your services continue into the next billing period.

4.2 Pricing
The price you agree to pay per month is a fixed rate which will apply for the next 12 months. You are not under contract to pay for 12 months, the rate on your monthly bill will not change during this period.
Visit our website https://speedynet.ie for more information on our packages. As of 01/07/2020 packages are available at the following monthly cost. (set-up costs are extra):

BlazingFast-100  €55 Per Month
UltraFast-150      €60 Per Month
UltraFast-300      €75 Per Month
UltraFast-1000    €90 Per Month

4.3 Suspension and Termination of services
Services may be suspended temporarily by Speedynet on rare occasions without notice during periods of repair, essential maintenance or alteration or improvement to the network or otherwise in accordance with the law.

Speedynet may immediately, without notice, temporarily suspend, limit, restrict, and/or disconnect Your use of our Services for any valid reason, including without limitation, where:

4.3.1 You fail to pay any Charges as set out in this Agreement

4.3.2 You fail to observe any other term or obligation set out herein or by any relevant law

4.3.3 You engage in any activity (or permit any activity) which we (as we deem appropriate) consider to be contrary to existing legislation or regulations applicable to provision of the services or is or is likely to have an adverse impact on our service.

4.3.4 You will continue to be charged for the next 30 days.

4.4 Notice of suspension
We always put our customers first and will always aim to keep you informed of any suspensions to the service with as much notice as possible. However, we reserve the right to suspend the service without notice in accordance with any of the reasons listed above or other reasons as we deem appropriate.

4.5 Continuing Suspension
Speedy Net is entitled to maintain suspension until any and all breaches as outlined above have been remedied.

4.6 Reconnection Fee
In the event your account is suspended you may be liable for a reconnection fee if a period of 15 days or more has passed. If the period of 15 days has not yet passed you will not be charged a reconnection fee.

4.7 Alteration of Services
Terms and conditions may be altered at any time without notice. In the event of any change to the pricing of the service you will be contacted with at least 30 days notice and will have the option to accept the new terms or cease the service. Your rate is fixed during the first 12 months of any contract.

4.8 Cancellation of Services

Services may be cancelled by (i) Speedy Net or (ii) You under the following conditions
(i) Speedynet may terminate the service at any time by giving 30 days notice. Services may be terminated without notice if You fail to pay any Charges as set out in this Agreement. You fail to observe any other term or obligation set out herein or by any relevant law; or You engage in any activity (or permit any activity) which we (as we deem appropriate) consider to be contrary to existing legislation or regulations applicable to provision of the services or is or is likely to have an adverse impact on our service

(ii) You may terminate the services at any time by giving 30 days notice. You will still be billed for the next 30 days of the service which may include proportional costs of the next month ie. If you cancel in the middle of the billing period the service will continue and you will continue to be charged the proportional cost of the next months bill.

4.9 Transfer of Account
In the event you wish to transfer ownership of this Agreement you must contact Speedynet and we must accept a valid transfer of ownership agreement. It is possible to change the account holder details for customer accounts.

4.10 Moving Home
We cannot guarantee that the service can be transferred to a new address. Changing the physical location of the service may require entering into a new contract and paying set-up fees.

5.1 Making Orders
Orders can be made over telephone by calling 01 9069630.

5.2 How long does it take to sign up?
Signing up for Speedy Net is easy. Once we get your details over the phone we’ll get your Fritzbox! router shipped out to you pronto, and arrange a time for an engineer to install the service at your property.
Once the engineer has installed the service you’ll be streaming, surfing and gaming at lightning fast speeds in no time!

6.1 Timing of Installation
Timelines for Service installation will vary depending on the circumstances affecting the delivery mechanism for You. Speedynet will, on receipt of an order, endeavour to provide You with an estimated timeline within which it will deliver the Services. Speedynet will use its reasonable efforts to install the Services in accordance with the timeline it agrees with You, but such dates are estimates only and Speedynet cannot guarantee that it will meet such dates. Speedynet will work with the Wholesale Provider to provide the initial connection to You as soon as possible and in any event within 45 days of the date on Your Order Process or as otherwise agreed with You. If using commercially reasonable efforts, we do not provide You with the initial connection within such 45 day period, Speedynet shall not be liable, but the Agreement may be terminated with immediate effect without penalty between Speedynet and You.

6.2 Engineer Access & Preparation for Visit

6.2.1 If an Engineer is required to visit Your home or place of business to install the equipment, You will be notified with an initial appointment date and time (within normal working hours) for the Engineer Visit. If You wish to reschedule this initial appointment, You can do so without charge until 4pm on previous working day, prior to the appointment. Please make sure you choose a time where you will be present at the property.

6.2.2 The Engineer must be allowed access to the Property to allow for the installation of Equipment and so that they may carry out any works necessary for the provision of such Services.

6.2.3 It is Your responsibility to obtain any third party consents as may be required by the Wholesale Provider. Failure to obtain these consents shall result in this Agreement being terminated with immediate effect without penalty between Speedynet and You.

6.2.4 Where rental premises are concerned, it is the responsibility of the tenant to inform and seek permission from the landlord regarding the installation of Equipment, including any required alterations to the premises.

6.2.5 You accept full responsibility to ensure that there is a clear and safe environment for the Engineer to carry out the installation of the Service, including moving any obstructing furniture prior to the arrival of the Engineer. The Engineer is forbidden from engaging in such activity and Speedynet reserve the right to charge for any additional time spent on site by the Engineer as a result of having to wait, or as a result of having to reschedule the appointment due to the Property not being ready for the installation.

6.2.6 You may require Equipment to receive the Services. Where this Equipment has been posted to You, it is Your responsibility to have the Equipment ready at the Property prior to the Engineer Visit.

6.3 Engineer Works
To get the service up and running works may need be carried out on the Property, If you have a previous connection to a fibre network this is typically an unobtrusive procedure, but may include a change of phone socket in the wall or drilling a hole through the wall of Your property and affixing a coupler box to an external and internal wall and/or any other works which may be required to complete the installation as deemed necessary by the Engineer. The Engineer will utilise any suitable available pre-existing overhead and underground infrastructure where possible, although in certain circumstances, underground digs may be required. Where no underground ducts are available, an overhead install solution may be used between homes and/or businesses and/or from a power line, or telephone, pole onto the façade of the Property. Speedynet has no responsibility for carrying out any remedial works to the Property after cessation of the Service and/or removal of Equipment.
Most importantly, You must be present at the Property at the arranged time for install, in order to facilitate access, as required and to acknowledge that the works have been carried out to a suitable standard.

6.4 No liability for engineer works or power interruption.
The Service installation will be completed by the Engineer. Speedynet does not accept any liability for any loss or damage that may occur to the Property during the Service Installation.
Your power supply may be interrupted during the installation process and during the provisioning of a Service You may experience a temporary loss of existing services. Speedynet shall not be held liable to You for any losses or damages howsoever arising during these works

6.5 Installation appointment
When you sign up to our service we will arrange a time for the installation of your equipment. You must be home at the prescribed time and allow full access to our engineer. You may be liable to pay a penalty in the following circumstances:

6.5.1 If You have not provided the necessary cancellation notice period in respect of the scheduled Engineer Visit appointment (you should cancel before 4pm on the previous working day) or do not answer Your phone within the scheduled appointment window.

6.5.2 If the Engineer cannot gain access to the Property due to a 3rd party access issue, for example within an apartment block.

6.5.3 If You refuse to allow the Engineer onto Your Property on the agreed appointment date.

6.5.4 In the event an extension kit is required and the Property has not been cleared for the Engineer to work. This can include the removal of furniture or carpet etc.

6.5.5 Where the environment is considered dangerous or unsafe to the Engineer, the works may not proceed but the cancellation/penalty charge may be levied regardless.

7.1 Ownership of Equipment
Speedy Net will retain ownership of all Equipment, including but not limited to any cables and/or fittings provided to You under this Agreement and may remove them during or upon the termination of this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, title to any Equipment will not transfer to You and it shall remain vested in Speedy Net unless agreed otherwise between You and Speedynet. In such circumstances title to such Equipment will pass to You upon full payment of any relevant equipment fees only.

7.2  Return Equipment
If your services are terminated or suspended, you must return your router and other Speedynet equipment as requested via post. If the equipment is not returned to us within a reasonable timeframe you will be liable for a penalty charge of €150 to cover the replacement of the router. If you wish to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period, all equipment should be returned within the 14 day timeframe. If you have not posted the equipment by the 14th day, the cooling off period is considered expired

7.3 Damaged Equipment
If the router is accidentally damaged it can be replaced. The fee for replacement is €150

7.4 Router Configuration
IMPORTANT: Factory resetting the router must be avoided.
We send you a pre-configured router with your service details configured. If you perform a factory reset without permission you can send your router to us and we will reconfigure it. A €20 administration fee applies for this process. Always contact customer service, rather than performing a factory reset of the router.

7.5 Other equipment
Speedy Net cannot guarantee that hardware, other than that supplied by Speedynet, will work with the Services. Speedynet does not encourage You to connect any equipment to the Services which has not been supplied or expressly approved by Speedynet. Speedynet shall have no liability for any equipment, plug-ins or other devices, hardware or software provided by You, for use in connection with the Services. Any such equipment must be compatible with the Services, must not cause damage or loss to the Services and the Speedynet network and must be used in accordance with relevant instructions, safety and security procedures.
Speedynet cannot guarantee or make any assurances as to the quality of the Services supplied through the use of third party equipment and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever arising from third party equipment or the Services as a result. We cannot be held responsible for damage caused to the supplied equipment through misuse, accidental or intentional damage.

8.1 Fair Usage Policy
Provided you use the service within the limits of the terms and conditions listed, no additional fair usage policy applies. That means you’re free to browse, stream and game to your heart’s content.

8.2 Static Router
We’ll provide you with a premium static router. This will give your own fixed IP address and a more speedy and secure connection to the web. This means your connection will be more reliable, more secure and faster than ever before.

8.3 Customer Service
Our customer service team are available 24/7 over the following platforms :

WhatsApp Message
Facebook Messenger
Email / Ticket Support

You can also call us at 01 9069630 for phone support. Phone support is available at the following times:
10AM-9PM (Monday-Saturday), 12PM – 9PM (Sunday)
During busy periods we may experience some delays. Rest assured that we will always get back to you as soon as possible and aim to respond as soon as possible

8.4 Maximum Speed
The advertised speed refers to the maximum speed available on the network, but these speeds will cannot always be achieved. For the fastest speeds, use a wired connection where possible with your games consoles and PCs.

8.5 Change of IP Address
Changes of IP address are not allowed.

8.6 Cooling off Period
NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS AGREEMENT, you have the right to cancel your contract with us within 14 days without giving any reason. This cooling off period will expire after 14 days from the day of the commencement of the contract, being the date you receive the confirmation email from Speedy Net. To exercise the right to cancel, You should inform us of Your decision to cancel this contract by a written statement sent to


Carlisle Building,
51 Bracken Road, Sandyford
Dublin 18, D18 CV48

To meet the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired.

If You cancel this contract during the cooling off period, we will reimburse you all payments for the days of the service not yet used, from the date the service is cancelled. You will be refunded on a pro-rata basis ie. If you cancel after 10 days, you will receive a refund for 20 days not yet used in the month. You will not incur any additional fees as a result of such reimbursement.

8.6.1 You shall send back the Equipment to us, not later than 14 days from the day on which You communicate your cancellation of the contract to us. The deadline is passed if you send back the goods after the period of 14 days has expired. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the Equipment back or You have supplied evidence of having sent back the Equipment, whichever is the earliest.

8.6.2 The router and any other requested equipment should be sent to us by post to

8.6.3 You will bear the direct cost of posting the router and any other equipment back to our company registered address.

8.6.4 Once we receive all equipment, any reimbursement due will processed and sent to you via cheque without undue delay.

8.6.5 Set-up costs (due to engineers visit) are non-refundable

8.6.6 You must still pay for the days during which the service was used. Example If you cancel the service after 10 days, you will still be charged for 10 days of the service.