Why You Need a Static IP for Your Home Network

With more and more people getting confused around the use of static and dynamic IP addresses. Their question also which one is the best fibre broadband in Ireland and how to compare fibre wideband connection, lets clear your doubts and help you understand which IP address (best fibre broadband in Ireland) is better for your home […]

Working from home in the 21st century

For obvious reasons, 2020 has resulted in a huge leap in the amount of people working from home. Even as Covid-19 eventually subsides, work from home culture is here to stay. 80% of Irish workers have said they would prefer not to go back to the way things were before. As of this situation Speedynet […]

Welcome to Speedy Net

This July we’re delighted to be bringing you something that’s long overdue. Speedy Net  (popularly known as best and cheap broadband) finally officially launched its service in Ireland with despicable broadband! After all the hard work we’ve put in, we’re happy things seem to be starting quick off of the blocks. With the difficult few […]