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Why You Need a Static IP for Your Home Network

With more and more people getting confused around the use of static and dynamic IP addresses. Their question also which one is the best fibre broadband in Ireland and how to compare fibre wideband connection, lets clear your doubts and help you understand which IP address (best fibre broadband in Ireland) is better for your home network.

Dynamic IP Address

In this type of IP address, your device gets connected to a different IP address every time you use your best fibre broadband network. It does not cost you each time you get a new dynamic IP address.

Static IP Address

It is a permanent IP address given to a device and does not require to change each time you connect to the network.  A static IP address is much safer than a dynamic IP address, as an administrator can only make all the changes.

You need to buy a separate Static IP address for your device to connect to the internet.

DHCP vs. Static IP address

You can decide which one is better for you after reading this comparison between both the IP addresses as below.

Price: Dynamic IP address does not require any additional maintenance charges. On the other hand, static IP needs you to buy a separate IP address for your specific device. Both fibre broadband have a little bit difference.

Security: Static IP address is the most secure IP address as no other network can connect to your address without your permission. For this reason, its a risk free connection. However, the dynamic connection is not safer than static addresses because of variable IP address changes.

Duration: Static IP address is your permanent IP address that any authorized person can not use to any other devices. However, the dynamic IP address keeps changing after some times.

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