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Working from home in the 21st century

For obvious reasons, 2020 has resulted in a huge leap in the amount of people working from home. Even as Covid-19 eventually subsides, work from home culture is here to stay. 80% of Irish workers have said they would prefer not to go back to the way things were before. As of this situation Speedynet is the best fibre broadband connection can ensure smooth connection for your home network.

While working from home offers big advantages to companies, workers and society, it does give present us with a few challenges. Dealing with the neighbor’s dog barking through our Zoom calls, missing the office brainstorm sessions and facing annoyingly slow fibre broadband internet connections can all hamper our Monday morning. Of course, our Speedy Net team can’t do much about the neighbor’s dog. But we are passionate about dealing with slow connections.

One way in which most ISP’s sell you short is with the basic router they include. Some are known to throttle you (slow the speed) once you’ve reached a certain limit.

Why Speedynet

Our goal has always been to offer a better service overall by including a premium Fritzbox router. And doing away with data limits. We also give you a fixed static IP (not usually any ISP offer this with home broadband). And biggest thing is without a contract.

So far, the work from home revolution has only accelerated how fast we’ve wanted to launch and help the Irish people. Because the need for a good fortitude broadband connection is suddenly more important than ever, we’ve pushed to offer you the service as soon as possible and are delighted to be bringing the Speedy Net service to the market. We ensure you smooth and faster home network connection to finish your tasks without any hassle.

Speedynet, we provide a nationwide un-congested best broadband service. This allows us to deliver the fastest broadband speeds available in your area and we offer every single customer unlimited usage. We can provide unlimited broadband connection with speeds as well.

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